• Chocolate Almond Protein Cereal

Chocolate Almond Protein Cereal

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Start the day off mighty with a bowl of Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Almond Cereal. Other breakfast cereals are no match for this high protein cereal that's mighty tasty and packed with ingredients you'll love. Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Almond Cereal Flakes contain 20 grams of protein, 14 grams of total carbs (1) and 5 grams of total sugars per serving for a chocolatey breakfast cereal that's flavorful and delicious. Save the day from bland tasting breakfast cereals with Incredi-Bowl cereal.

This Chocolatey protein cereal flakes deliver great taste without the guilt and are an excellent source of protein to fuel your day.

  • Gluten Free

    Plus, our ingredients are grain-free and gluten-free!


    Tasty food, guilt-free = Incredible!
    *Contains 9g of total fat per serving.

  • High in Protein

    No need to skimp on protein in the morning, each serving of this almond cereal has 20 grams of protein so you can nourish your body with confidence. These chocolatey protein flakes are an excellent source of protein, low in saturated fat (2) and a cholesterol free food to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences.


Fill your spoon with these high protein chocolatey flakes and sliced almonds that pack a powerful protein punch with every bite. Grab a box when you're craving a sweet high protein snack or blend these chocolatey cereal flakes with some peanut butter and Greek yogurt for an epic high protein shake.

A keto-friendly diet shouldn’t mean eating a boring breakfast. We created Incredi-Bowl to help you hit your macros by banishing high-carb ingredients.

How We Compare

  Protein Net Carbs Total Sugars Grain Free Gluten Free
INCREDI-BOWL Chocolate Almond Protein Cereal

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Nutritional Facts


Incredi-BOWL is delicious with any milk you want, but we recommend eating it with almond milk, coconut milk, or your favorite low-carb milk alternative if you’re monitoring your macros.

Yes! Our ingredients are free of gluten or grains.